A New Era of Instrumentation

A New Age of Spatial Biology


Advanced semiconductor imaging and process control technology translated to life sciences

The Veranome Spatial Analyzer (Model VSA-1) is the only spatial omics instrument that harnesses imaging and process control technology from the semiconductor industry to provide a stable and reliable platform to implement high-plex spatial biology workflows. The manufacture of semiconductor chips relies on sophisticated equipment that process nano-scale features on large area formats with high throughput. Veranome’s VSA-1 product represents the first time key performance features of semiconductor process equipment have been translated to life science instrumentation.

Diffraction limited optics designed for maximum field of view

Machine learning and algorithm-based image processing SW tuned for noisy backgrounds

Robust and proven instrument control software with an installed base of over 5,000 semiconductor tools

A new era of instrument design for reliable operations

Thoughtful design and meticulous engineering led to a system that not only delivers high quality images of RNA and protein with robust cell segmentation accuracy, but also delivers these data consistently and repeatably by ensuring the highest instrument uptime and process control. The VSA-1’s fluidics, flow cell, and optical train have been seamlessly integrated into a highly dependable system delivering rich data sets that provide an unparalleled glimpse into subcellular biology.

Easy-to-use flow cell design

Patent pending, Easy-Load design - no complex assembly or disassembly!

Single clamp closes and seals flow cell

Preventative measures that disallow performing a run when flow cell is absent or if flow cell is broken or misaligned

Redirection of fluids away from optics in case of broken or misloaded coverslip

Robust Fluidics Design

Alongside the Easy-Load flow-cell design, VSA-1 “something GUI” provides users a window to it’s the health of its interior fluidics. Sensors monitor in real-time the flow rate, line pressure, and chamber pressure to ensure consistent reagent delivery. In addition, VSA-1’s fluidics system detects bubble formation and actively removes bubbles that form.

Smart Autofocus System

The VSA-1’s patent-pending, reflection-based autofocus solution provides smart surface tracking algorithms for complex tissue topology and composition. VSA-1’s through-the-lens operation provides fast feedback (< 1 ms response time), and sub-micron focusing accuracy enables easy adaptation to any sample type. Additionally, the Smart Autofocus System does not require additional lenses/objectives giving it Independence to the imaging system for better reliability and serviceability.


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