We enable researchers to deepen their understanding of diseases

With high-quality data of how individual cells organize within tissue, using robust workflows, reliable imaging systems and without the need for extensive bioinformatics tools or infrastructure. Veranome’s unique combination of genomics expertise and world-class high-speed diffraction limited optical imaging capabilities enables researchers to access in-situ spatial omics and elucidate reliable disease insights with unsurpassed data quality.


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We are committed to building a diverse talent pipeline and company culture both through industry leadership and community development. Our employees are the core of our foundation and the heart of our innovation.



We strive to advance life sciences by developing new product technology to further research and innovation.



We take an evolutionary approach to innovation aiming to solve industry challenges, leading with technology and advanced instrumentation.

our product

A New Era of Instrumentation. A New Age of Spatial Biology.

The Veranome Spatial Analyzer (Model VSA-1) is the only spatial omics instrument that harnesses imaging and process control technology from the semiconductor industry to provide a stable and reliable platform to implement high-plex spatial biology workflows. Advanced Semiconductor Imaging and Process Control Technology Translated to Life Sciences The manufacture of semiconductor chips relies on sophisticated equipment that process nano-scale features on large area formats with high throughput.

Veranome’s VSA-1 product marks a significant milestone toward integration of semiconductor precision and process control into life science instrumentation.


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